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Dr. Joseph Morale

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Greetings Program Participants:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Wiley College, a Christian institution affiliated with The United Methodist Church. As the College begins its 140th year, its primary purpose remains unchanged--enriching, empowering and stimulating young men and women to achieve academic excellence. Wiley College promotes an intellectually stimulating environment through recognition that the most effective learning takes place when theory translates into practice. The Ethical Student Leadership Conference (ESLC), now in its seventh year, is one of a variety of program opportunities offered through the Center for Excellence in Student Leadership that enriches knowledge acquired through experiential learning; specifically in conversation with distinguished scholars, ethicists and with experienced leaders.

Wiley College has been fortunate in its previous ESL Conferences to attract faculty who demonstrate excellence in their academic areas of expertise and are the epitome of ethical leadership. The 2013 conference faculty is no exception. A diverse group of scholars will continue this tradition of providing information designed to engage you in reflective thinking and spirited dialogue for the explicit purpose of enhancing your self-efficacy as leaders. I am confident that the knowledge gained through this conference will empower you to serve in leadership positions on your campuses, as well as, prepare you to serve as citizen-leaders in a global community. Through conversations with scholars and your peers, you will become familiar with current trends in leadership theories, "best practices," and an array of "servant leadership," philosophies that will serve you well through and beyond your college careers.

I am pleased that you are here and that you have this unique opportunity to study leadership and to experience a range of leadership related activities which will broaden your knowledge, and strengthen your skills. Thank you for your presence.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Haywood L. Strickland
President and CEO, Wiley College





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